Importing Motorcycles From The USA

We have been importing motorcycles from the USA since 2000.

We prefer bikes to be strapped to a plastic or metal skid (pallet).

We do not ship bikes in wooden crates or on wooden skids or pallets unless the wood is heat treated wood or ISPM-15 certified and stamped.

We use UShip to obtain quotations for the collection of a motorcycle in any location in the USA and then transport it to Seattle, Washington, USA.

We can assist and provide advice in relation to the purchase and payment of your boat with legal officer guidance in the USA with the validation of the Certificate of Title (ownership) of the boat by the seller.

Like the storage of cars, we can also offer secure, safe and insured storage (bonded warehouse) at the cost of $25.00 USD per month before the motorcycle is shipped.

We offer a fixed price written quotation to ship your motorcycle... there are NO hidden charges once your motorcycle arrives or when you collect the motorcycle.

Services We Offer

  • We have access to a legal/attorney service to oversee the financial transaction if required
  • We explain the Certificate of Title requirements that are needed to export the motorcycle out of the USA
  • We ensure that a Bill of Sale (sales receipt) is obtained and appropriate for US Customs discharge
  • We provide you with the ship details and Estimated Time of Arrival of the container into Australia
  • We provide you with the Import Approval Application Form for DOTARS consideration of the import approval of the motorcycle.
  • The import approval for the motorcycle will be in your name.