Don’t deal with this unscrupulous individual.

Pete Wyman Pete Wyman with car Court Document

Here is some history about the guy pictured above.

His name is...

Peter Albert Wyman

Maybe you can help?

Don't get ripped off by this THIEF.

In 1996, I made contact with this HEMI dealer. At the time his business was called “Pete’s Hemi Heaven“ located in Florida.

As I was located in Australia I trusted this HEMI enthusiast who seemed genuine in assisting me to import engines 15,000 miles "downunder".

Unfortunately in August 1997 I was de-frauded for a CONSIDERABLE amount of money, some $ 7,582.50 USD which was in excess of $ 15,000 Australian Dollars at the time, due to exchange rate adjustments.

I paid a deposit for a rebuilder 426 HEMI engine, a new Don Hampton 6-71 supercharger and various HEMI parts and accessories from him.

He NEVER supplied ANY of these items.

He defrauded other USA hemi enthusiasts... unfortunately I lost the most money at the time.

Wyman’s personal details comprise the following:

He is the son of Robert and Pauline Wyman of Standish Maine USA.

Telephone Number is : (207) 642 2460.

He was born in August 1963.

He graduated from Bonny Eagle High School in 1980.

In 1996 he owned a 1927 Model T Ford bucket with a supercharged Chrysler HEMI engine.

The Maine license plate number on the T bucket was "HEMIT".

"Pete's Hemi Heaven" was located at Rutillio Court, New Port Richey, Florida USA.

It is my understanding that Wyman operated in the State of Maine at the locale of Buxton, West Buxton and Standish, prior to locating to Florida.

It is also our understanding that he has since re-located back to Maine and residing at his parent's home.

There is a photograph of him in "Rod and Custom Magazine", March 2003 issue, Page 91.

The THIEF is the guy with the blue colored T-shirt and wearing a black baseball cap.

Looks like he used my money to build up his "HEMI powered altered" as pictured.

I was forced to sell my 1934 Ford coupe HEMI powered project at the time that I was forced to SELL in order to re-pay my customers because of Wyman's actions in not supplying the goods that I paid for.

Court Judgement

I have a court judgement against Wyman however I have been unable to collect to date.

Wyman's Last Known Addresses

Address History for Peter Albert Wyman includes the following addresses:

50 Fowler Road, Standish Maine USA

Check the address on Google Earth.

This guy says he has no money and is bankrupt but check the size of the property and the number of cars he has parked around the barn and house.


If someone gives information to me that leads to a collection of part or all of the $ 7582.50 USD, I would grant a reward as a percentage of what is collected for such information.

Any help or information regarding this guy would be greatly appreciated...

Guys like Wyman that rip off other HEMI guys need to be exposed!