Importing Cars From The USA

We have been importing customer's cars and our own cars from the USA since 1996.

We specialise in the transportation of your car to a sea port on the North West Coast of the USA (Seattle, Washington... two states above California) and shipment to Port Adelaide, South Australia.

We minimise risk of damage by loading cars in a safe and secure way.

Wheels of the car are on the FLOOR of the container.

If you find your own car in the USA (via E-bay or web site or from a newspaper or magazine advertisement) we can provide advice, payment and transportation options for importation.

We can arrange the collection of your car in any location in the USA and then transport it to Seattle, Washington, USA either in an open or enclosed transporter.

We provide the actual cost to you for inland transport, there is no mark up.

We can assist and provide advice in relation to the purchase and payment of your car with legal officer guidance in the USA with the validation of the Certificate of Title (ownership) of the car by the seller.

We utilise bonded (insured) car hauling services in the USA to provide transport.

We can also offer secure, safe, insured storage (bonded warehouse) of your vehicle before shipment at $75.00 USD per month.

We offer a fixed price written quotation to ship your car... there are NO hidden charges once your car arrives or when you collect the car.

Services We Offer

  • We have access to a legal/attorney service to oversee the financial transaction if required
  • We explain the Certificate of Title requirements that are needed to export the car out of the USA
  • We ensure that a Bill of Sale ( sales Receipt) is obtained and appropriate for US Customs discharge
  • We provide you with the ship details and Estimated Time of Arrival of the container into Australia
  • We can arrange pickup of the car anywhere in the USA
  • We don't leave goods or vehicles outside and exposed to the weather
  • We provide you with the Import Approval Application Form for DOTARS consideration of the import approval of the vehicle.
  • The import approval for a vehicle will be in your name.
  • Compare our Service and Reputation with Others

    If you are seeking comparisons with other importers in Australia ask how many cars and what type of cars/ objects will be in the container with your car... how will the vehicle be loaded? And how will the vehicle be unloaded?

    Some importers will charge you a fee to ship one car even though there are three to four cars in the same container